Dueck Family

I often find that you tend to be more comfortable in your own surroundings, your home makes a great backdrop to who you are, and kids tend to be more at ease (and can run around barefoot!)  I loved this session, not only because the Dueck Family are my friends, but because it is so full of love.

Steph & Ryck Wedding

Our friends, Steph & Ryck invited us to leave the prairies for a few days and capture their mountain and meadow wedding day in Alberta, Canada.  This was such a special wedding to photograph for a lot of reasons.  Steph & Ryck are pretty much ridiculously and romantically in love.  Like, a LOT.  I’d say they both wear their heart on their sleeve.  They are both thoughtful, intentional, laid back and not afraid to express their emotions, so it was such an honour to be a witness to it all.

Roth Family & Baby

Beth & Tim have become good friends of mine over the last few years as they have also settled in Saskatoon.  We share a local faith community, and as families we’ve bonded over conversations while preparing and eating really tasty food & drink together.  It’s been amazing to see them progress as a couple, into buying a home – to put down some physical roots – and now to having baby William join their world.

Caitlin Grad

Caitlin’s style is very fun and edgy.  She laughed when I complimented her on her hair and mentioned that last week it had been turquoise, but that she thought that “the colour purple was a bit more mature for graduation.”

Steph & Ryck Engagement

It’s a bit ironic that Ryck might not be able to see this blog post immediately, as he is at a wilderness camp in the middle of Quebec with limited internet capabilities.  Or maybe it is actually very poetic?!   This outdoors-y couple met me for a laid-back snowy, riverbank engagement photo session that included beer, campfire and Tim Horton’s hot chocolate.

Emily & Taryn Wedding

Taryn & Emily are sincere and kind.  Their wedding day was heartfelt and joyous.  Details were in abundance: paper flowers made by the bride, a hand built wooden backdrop at the ceremony, wooden trays (made by the groom) adorning each table at the reception, custom sewn bow-ties, detailed sugar cookies made by the matron of honour, a custom coffee bar for the guests, tables heaping with dessert and cakes made by friends– this wedding was one where hand crafted was part of the day.

Kaytee & Chris Wedding

A friend of the couple asked me if I had ever been to a wedding this epic before.  My response was that I believe every single wedding is epic.  Whether you’re having a small, intimate exchange of vows in your living room, or a romantic backyard wedding, or a sparkly ballroom event-  anytimeanyone wants to announce their love and commit to it- well- to me that is epic.

Orlanda & James Wedding

Pour yourself a drink and settle in.  I tried to edit the photos down to a more manageable amount for a blog post, but really –  I just couldn’t. Maybe it’s because they are your stories that you’re allowing me to help create and tell alongside you and these stories are real and authentic and full of love.  And that’s simply why it’s not easy to leave anything out.

Leah & Steve Wedding

I’d suggest you pour yourself your drink of choice and settle in.  Why?  Because this blog post is epic.  I thought I had it all ready to post, and then I had to go and add in more photos to the story, just because it was so, so good.  Why will you make it to the end of this epic blog post?  Because who doesn’t adore love?  That’s what this wedding is all about.  Enjoy.